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Last update: 16.10.2012

16.10.2012 USB 1.5b released.
New features (very small changes):
+ Ability to on/off system devices like FDD, CD-ROM, Flash-drives.
+ Ability to quickly reveal all hidden files and folders on flash drives.
+ Ability to run command file at usb device removal (useful for micro Live-CD for unmount software etc).

Unfortunately, I lost my email archive and can't contact with people who help me in translation.
Please report me if you find any mistakes in translations.
Also if you want to get version of usb in your language - please contact with me via email.

Download USB 1.5b (english)
Download USB 1.5b (dutch) (thanks for translation to Fred de Vries)
Alexey N's USB antivirus scan report at downloadtube.com Windows 7 Download - Editor's Pick
2.10.2009 Added improved english translation (thank's to David Beasley). usb_14_en.zip replaced with newer version.
26.06.2009 Version 1.4. New features.
+ Now user can select between launch and rename of autorun.inf file, when removable-device is attached.
+ Ability to select "autorunned" program for disk-mounting event from program menu.
+ Added ability to open config file from program menu
- The errors appearing on unsuccessful start of the external program are corrected
- Now renamed autorun.inf receives local time in filename.
Download USB 1.4 (russian version)
Download USB 1.4 (english version)
Download USB 1.4 (spanish version)
18.06.2009 Version 1.4 is under final testing.
15.03.2009 Release 1.3.
- Added ability to change autorun status in system (now it is option, selected by user).
- Solved problem. Now program can get it's autorun status from registry correctly.

If you are interested in localization of this program to your language, please contact with me by e-mail
The USB Program is designed to help prevent computers being infected by autorun viruses. The program is loaded into system memory, when a new removable device attachment occurs, the program automatically renames autorun.inf files on new device into autorun.inf_current date_time, and sets its attribute to "normal", making it visible for the system.
As a result it isolates any infection.
Also (as an option) the user is asked about the necessity of starting autorun.inf (USB will show the program that it requires to start) and in the case of a positive answer, the file autorun.inf will be restored.
This program is freeware and can be used under principle "as-is".
Warning! Usere have no rights to replicate, disassemble or distribute parts of program without author's agreement.
Main features:
1. Small size and low system resources consumption.
2. Ability to make ANY work with attached device at moment of attachment using command file, defined by user.
3. Wide settings abilities (included ability to run ad domain).

Download USB

Contents of config file usb.ini:
;msgonstart=1 - inform user about already runned USB program (or simply prevent of loading second copy)
;msgs=1 - inform about actions on autorun.inf files
;batch=1 - runs command file specified by "batchpath" parameter on removable device attachment event
;tray=1 - use system tray for user interface
;batchpath - name (and path) to file, runned on new removable device attachment. As a parameter, command file recieves new volume name as X:\
;fs1_1=1 - first run(?) some config, when program runs first time.

Sample content of command file (for example, runit.cmd):
echo New drive "%1" attached at %time% %date% >> log.txt

This command line will give us new file log.txt with all events of new removable device attachments, include date and time of attachment.

Program runs under Win9X, Win2000, XP.

Copyright (c) Alexey N. 2002-2009

Email for bug reportis and thank's: sputnik70@yandex.ru
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